German meeting

The German meeting took place from the 16th - 22nd of March 2015. This meeting focused on EU-farming policies, food preservation and food trade. All students had done some research on farming policies in their countries before the meeting and they had learned about the EU farming policy and some of its side effects. The research resulted in a film put together in Penzberg.

Film on EU farming policy:

During the meeting in Germany the students also worked in small international groups on issues like preservation of food, supermarket strategies of selling food and the differences between organic and conventional food.

Results of the workshops:

Film "BREAD"

We eat it every day, we waste a lot of it, its production has changed a lot. The film club at Gymnasium Penzberg has produced a documentation on bread. To contribute to the Comenius Project EAT, the pupils added English subtitles.

On field trips to Munich and Oberammergau, the students visited the second-biggest market in Europe, a slaughterhouse and a cheese factory among other sights.

Impressions of the field trips: