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Borja Spain
IES Juan de Lanuza

The first comenius meeting with students took place in Borja and we focused in the following activities:

Meeting in Spain

Pre-meeting activities
- Presentation of nutrients in biology and chemistry lessons
- Information on healthy eating
- Finding out about recommendation of National Nutrition Agency (students)
- Prepare a PPP on your school (students)
- optional: Different eating habits connected to physical performance and/or sports activities à presentation in class (maybe in English lessons)
- optional: Finding articles on food-related issues à some students are responsible for this
Activities in Spain
- Students present their school to the other participants
- Preparing a healthy breakfast - with cooking department and the students
  • Discussion among students on the idea of a healthy breakfast / make use of information
- Chemistry behind cooking – workshop for the students who will be involved
  • Recorded on video
- Workshop on identifying flavors, scents
- Students come up with ideas for a questionnaire on eating habits
(questionnaire will be finished by the Austrians and distributed before the meeting in Austria)
Arrivals. Host families meet students at bus station
All day excursión
9:00h. Visit“santuario”
8:30 h. Students present their school
8:30 Workshop: Presentation of works (National Nutrition Agency)
Articles on food-related issues.
8:30h. Visit the school.
9:30 h. Trip to Zaragoza.
8:30. Students in classes
Return to their countries. Host families bring to bus station

11:00h. Tarazona
9:30 h. Healthy breakfast
10:30 h. Coffee break
10:30 h. Visit to the university: Food Science and Technology (C.T.A)
11h. Coffee break

12:00. WorkshopPresentation of works in groups.
Questionnaire on eating habits
11:00h. Workshop.Chemistry behind cooking

11’30h. WorkshopFinal conclusions
Articles for the wikis or school blogs.

13:00 h Lunch in Tarazona
PICNIC (for students)
13:30h. Lunch at “Jardines Plaza”(teachers)
13h. Lunch at “Mesón del aceite” Oil tasting(teachers)
13:00 h. Lunch at university
13:30h. Lunch at school

17:00 h. Visit “monasterio de Veruela” and Moncayo.
15:00 h Visit wine cellar BORSAO and oil press
15:00 Visit Ambel and centenary olive grove (teachers)16:00 Visit beekeeping
15:00 h Visit the center of Zaragoza17:00 h Free time
16:00 – 18:00 h Meeting of project team: review of the project meeting in Spain, plans for the next meeting in Austria

18:00 h Students with host families
17:00 h Reception with authorities.
17:00 h Students with host families
20:00 h Students with host families
17:30 h Farwell party at school
“Family photos”

Impressions of the Spanish Meeting

Check out this slideshow, to get some impressions of the spanish meeting.

German presentations

During classes we prepared several presentations on the topic healthy food. Here you can check out these presentations, some of them are prezis - happy zooming!

Norwegian presentation

Spanish activities

Presentation of our school

Quiz about healthy eating
Main prezi about the quiz

Results of the quiz

Nutritional pyramid and molecular cooking

French activities

Some presentations: